CryptoTab—The World’s First Browser with Mining Features

CryptoTab is an internet browser with a built-in mining function. “With CryptoTab you earn cryptocurrency just by visiting your favorite sites, watching videos, and chatting online”, claims the official website.

The idea sounds beautiful and exciting. But isn’t it too good to be true? Is CryptoTab legit or is CryptoTab a scam? DailyCoin takes the challenge and explores the promising browser. Follow this CryptoTab browser review to know more about its usage, pros & cons, and, finally, is CryptoTab worth all the efforts?

What is CryptoTab?

CryptoTab is the world’s first browser, created specifically for mining Bitcoins. It has a built-in mining algorithm, that allows users to earn Bitcoins when web-surfing, watching movies or doing any other activity online.

Besides that CryptoTab acts as a referral program. This means the browser offers to earn Bitcoins for promoting CryptoTab on social media and inviting friends to join it. Launched as an extension a few years ago, CryptoTab already has over 10 million users for the time of publishing.

So, let’s have a look at how it works, and how could you earn with the CryptoTab browser?

CryptoTab browser mining

Despite payments in Bitcoins, the CryptoTab browser does not mine Bitcoin directly. Indeed it’s software mines Monero (XMR) privacy coins and converts them later to Bitcoin at the current exchange rate. This means why Bitcoins are the only currency displayed in user balances. The website though plans to add additional digital currencies someday in the future.

How to mine with CryptoTab on Windows and Mac OS

  1. Download the CryptoTab browser installation file from the official website.
  2. Install it. Run the setup file, complete, and confirm the installation.
  3. Start the CryptoTab browser. You can make it a default browser and add a shortcut to your taskbar for more convenient usage.
  4. Set up the account. Open Settings in the drop-down menu on the right side. You may use your Google account or social media account to log in. This will help you to make sure no data will be lost if you reinstall the browser or log in by using other devices.
  5. Activate mining. Open the CryptoTab browser, click the CryptoTab icon in the right upper corner, turn the mining mode On, adjust your mining speed.

CryptoTab referral program

In addition to cryptocurrency mining, the CryptoTab browser allows earning Bitcoins via its referral program. Referral programs offer a reward for sending new customers. This means users may benefit from promoting CryptoTab and inviting their friends to it.

The CryptoTab referral program works as an ordinary affiliate marketing scheme. It offers a 10-level earnings pyramid, which means the more affiliates you have, the higher commissions you get.


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