CashCoin Faucet10,000 to 24,000 microCASH every 24 hoursVisit
Cryptobuck Faucet.03 to 33 BUK every 24 hoursVisit
DevCoin Faucet5 DVC per round. Rounds end when 80 people registerVisit
MoonCoin Faucet1 to 8 MOON every hourVisit
Noblecoin Faucet10 to 40 NOBLE every 12 hoursVisit
Noblecoin Faucet 25 to 10 NOBLE every 6 hoursVisit
Noblecoin Dispenser.06 NOBLE unlimited timesVisit
RapidCoin Faucet250,000 to 750,000 microRAPIDS every 12 hoursVisit
YACC Coin Faucet10.00 YACCVisit
TrollCoin Faucet5 to 25 Troll every second!Visit
ZedCoin Faucet0.88 ZEDVisit
ZetaCoin FaucetRandom amount of ZET every hourVisit

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